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A full length mirror is your best friend. It will always tell the truth.

A full length mirror is your best friend. It will always tell the truth.

If you don't have one, you should get one! And here are some tips for when you do:

  • Hang your mirror on the wall. If it's sitting on the floor leaning on the wall, then your reflection is going to be big-footed and small-headed.
  • Hang your mirror in good lighting. Because dark corners lie, but daylight does not.
  • You can find cheap full length mirrors at target and other big box stores, especially around back to school season.

And here is WHY you want to subject yourself to the scrutiny of natural daylight and full length mirrors.

  • Over time, by using a full length mirror, you'll start to get a feel for what silhouettes suit you, what length of shirt perfectly skims your tush, if ankle length pants make you look like Audrey Hepburn or like your pants are too short. (Personally, ankle length pants DO make me look like my pants are too short but I've decided I like that look). Soon, when you're shopping you'll be able to reference a more accurate picture of yourself. Then you'll start buying clothes that work better for your body-type, then you'll like what you see in the mirror more, and then you'll feel better about yourself, and on and on until you rule the known universe.
  • Your mirror knows you better than you know yourself. Mine told me for several months that the jeans I loved and thought were adorable, really didn't look good. I ignored my mirror, even tried using a mirror in different lighting thinking surely that one would tell me what I wanted to hear. Eventually, to the goodwill-pile went the jeans. Note: when jeans don't fit, it's probably the JEANS that are at fault. Throw out the jeans. Don't self-loathe and mentally scrap the YOU. 


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