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About the company

My husband and I were sitting in our backyard last night, after watering the garden and putting our little girl to bed. And as the sun was setting and the sky was turning cotton candy pink, he started telling me why I was beautiful. He said he watched me gracefully move through the garden and water the flowers and noticed I was a woman, and not the girl he married 12 years ago. He said I have many responsibilities and I take care of them all well. And finally, he said I was more beautiful because of my scars.

He was talking about all the curveballs in life that have caused me pain, including my little fashion heart that has been broken time and time again.

Our course in life changes as our hearts are broken; and our broken hearts redirect us. My husband and I have been recognizing the good in that process - the humility that comes, the bits of wisdom that are picked up. I'm not the confident little kid that arrived in New York City 8 years ago. I’m sure of a lot less, but I'm more balanced; still enthusiastic but now, steady. 

I want to encourage and be encouraged by women who are daunted by their important jobs and failed ventures, but who are driven onward by something, be it vision or passion or madness. Most of all of that takes place on Instagram. And the product for sale HERE in the shop, is all tied to the fun that's happening over THERE on the insta.