Mrs. Emily

I began work on the India Peplum Skirt and turban in March of 2023.

Fabric scraps from garment factories in Bangladesh were broken down into fiber, and respun into new (recycled) yarn. That yarn was handwoven on a wooden loom in Mohammad's fair trade workshop, by a woman named Chaya Rani.

From there, the fabric journeyed to Northern India, where it was transformed into skirts by the capable hands of a team of sewists working in safe conditions, whose fair wages included healthcare and onsite childcare.

The design is my own. I drew the patterns by hand in the upstairs bedroom of my home, using the size chart I developed over years of making custom skirts for women. I've added waist size 46 to the lineup.

Wear the removable peplum forward or backward for two distinct looks. Try it over your shoulders, or leave it off altogether, for two more dressing options.

And don't forget the matching turban headscarf for an absolute WOW moment.