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The India Skirt

How We Got Here

In 2020, I was making stock for my retail space in St. Louis, shipping boxes back and forth to the East Coast and my sewist, Louise.

When Covid shutdowns began, I had to leave my retail space, and switched from making stock back to sewing skirts one at a time.

From 2020-2022, there weren't answers, only waiting and holding my nerve. And collecting data. I saw that the traditional size chart had serious flaws. There are 2.5" between a brand's S and M and 4" between...

May's Skirt: The Mallary Mini

April's Skirt and Headscarf: The Mallary

Personal style gives us a habitat - where we feel like ourselves and THAT is true comfort.

I put on April’s skirt and turban and thought: now I can feel like myself on summer days when my hair will be a little frizzy because I’m balancing work and home and humidity.

March's Skirt: The Erica

With a couple of trips on the horizon, I designed a skirt for the occasion. When Erica styled hers with my tote, tee and cap; I saw her in Paris, and I saw her in Champaign, IL too (where I live).

February Update

After a couple months away, meet the newest skirt, and read updates for manufacturing in India!