Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

April's Skirt and Headscarf: The Mallary

Our Habitat

We’re drawn to comfy clothes because we want to feel comfortable. I think we seek comfort beyond what comfy clothes can give us.

Personal style gives us a habitat - where we feel like ourselves and THAT is true comfort.

Enjoy (another) Indian Block Print Cotton. Expect her to ripen with age - the fabric will soften and you'll venture into more creative styling. For example, I took mine on Spring Break and because it was chilly, added the only socks in my suitcase. I loved the look so much, I wore it for these photos.

Most of my wardrobe looks better with comfortable shoes. It makes a "dressy" skirt, sporty. Mmm I love a good mix of styles. More importantly, dressing a skirt down with comfy shoes reminds me I have work to do, and makes me feel more playful while getting said work done.

Matching Headscarf YES 

You can see in everything I design, the desire to simplify our lives. And so it is with this reversible, washable, coverer-of-unwashed-hair.

I put on April’s skirt and turban and thought: now I can feel like myself on summer days when my hair will be a little frizzy because I’m balancing work and home and humidity.

And I thought of other women similarly needing their personal style habitat, so they can do their jobs better.



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