Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

What's New

Tiger Stripe Tee - July 2022

The quirky imagery of Fashion Tiger is rooted in these truths: We fight for a wardrobe of hard hitting clothes, because we need to exist in a reality that has not come yet. We are bringing it about as we day-by-day attack our to-do lists and goals.

Polka Dot Grove - June 2022

The past few months, as I've been pondering storytelling, I've come up with yours and mine: We live impossible stories and we do impossible things (I grow polka dots on trees). Take a look back at what you've overcome; a look forward at where you're headed; and even at your to do list today. So much of it has been unexpected, far more complex and overwhelming than we could have planned for.

Locally Grown Dots - May 2022

My locally grown dots are the wonderful, amazing fruit of my life that I 100% did not recognize as anything other than me being different. And different feels wrong. This art celebrates that YOOHOO I'm thrilled with ME, in all of my interesting-new-food-group-splendor.

Vineyard Tee - April 2022

Can't you just imagine it - sitting around a table with friends, enjoying a bottle of the very best from your cellar, your vineyard, your life? When we tell our story, we are crafting wine. It gives me goosebumps. This is the fruit of confidence (pun not intended) - being able to share the journey and in so doing, come to appreciate it.

Play in March

Fashion Tiger is a fun she-beast, in her jungle atelier. A lighthearted tee to remind us to be light hearted and not judge the playground where we figure out what proportions look right on our bodies, or what methods work in our parenting, biz, career, etc.