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Play in March

Fashion Tiger Tee

Play is not synonymous with fun.

To my horror, near the end of last week, one of the worst I've had in a long time, I realized I was living my March Tee which is about P L A Y.

Play is trial and error. Picking out jeans or building a business or raising kids or or or or. There is an important process of trying trying trying failing failing failing that leads to succeeding succeeding succeeding.

Fashion Tiger is a fun she-beast, in her jungle atelier. A lighthearted tee to remind us to be light hearted and not judge the playground where we figure out what proportions look right on our bodies, or what methods work in our parenting, biz, career, etc.

But how do we play without becoming disheartened? How do we play when we already are disheartened? As I was reflecting over the weekend, thankfully I remembered to adjust my focus. I only looked at the losses last week, not the wins.

Whatever you are attempting this week, this decade, this lifetime - take time often to see what has already been accomplished. What a beautiful picture of getting dressed - creating in the first act of our day, the opportunity to draw attention to what we like about ourselves.

Much love to you,

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