Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Vineyard Tee - April 2022

Casually Rumply

Before taking photos of April's tee, I washed, dried, and squashed it into a ball in search of lovely wrinkles.

Wrinkled clothes are luxurious in my mind, because ultimate wealth is enjoyment of life. This 100% cotton tee, similar to light of the world and fashion tiger (also cotton), looks beautiful straight from the bottom of the laundry basket.


Sizes are a sliding scale indicating proportion.

I cut my fashion teeth hunting in thrift stores and you can't trust sizes there. Now when I shop; no matter the store; I pick smaller-looking items when I want a fitted style, and looser-looking items when I want a flowy or boxy style.

I chose a unisex blank (like January's), so it runs true. I'm excited to be offering sizes XS through 5X. Pick your normal size, for a relaxed fit. Size down or up and wear it different ways with different things in your closet.


Our Terroir

ter·​roir | \ ˌter-ˈwär \
: the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character

I make a specific product, a specific way, because of a specific set of circumstances. Variables, many out of my control, build depth of flavor in my life and brand.

Our Story

How do we appreciate the distinctive character of our work and lives? Especially when so much of it is unexpected? We become storytellers.

When we tell our stories, we are recording our progress and allowing ourselves space to process. Here are some examples:

Reels: I've started documenting more of what I make: a little moment just for the skirt. But it's really for me. I have a beautiful log of things I created from nothing, and I visit it. I think of the amount of wins each skirt represents - fabric I've sourced; patterns I've developed; bar tacks created with my vintage Singer; seams finished with my hissing clanking industrial serger. The fabric; the matching thread; the elastic; the care label; the website it was purchased on... Years of work in each skirt, and those little videos help me see it.

Journaling. I write every weekday morning - to process heavy things, exciting things, complicated things. My very most personal form of story telling is entirely private. No one sees these pages, but I keep them with me throughout the day so I can revisit things I'm learning and processing.

Posts on social media. I can easily, and via a string of emoji's, share the joys and struggles of my daily grind. I can plunk out a half-thought and watch it develop as I interact with it. This offers in-the-moment perspective. I see the forest for the trees in these short and grammatically irreverent posts.

Newsletter. When I start my week with my newsletter, I often find the unexpected nougaty center of what's currently overwhelming me. In longer-form writing, I capture a different aspect of my story. 

Tees. My tees keep me accountable to probing and reflecting. I've begun to organize my schedule to give me more time to write. It's becoming a fun project, to see what all I can say about a topic in a month.

My vines are filling with fruit, and it's so much different than what I thought it would look like, and it's so much better too. I'm not sure I'd have eyes to see the fruit, if I wasn't telling my story.

Our Wine

Can't you just imagine it - sitting around a table with friends, enjoying a bottle of the very best from your cellar, your vineyard, your life? When we tell our story, we are crafting wine.

It gives me goosebumps. This is the fruit of confidence (pun not intended) - being able to share the journey and in so doing, come to appreciate it.

Wear this tee as you begin telling more of your story - in the pages of a secret journal; over a cup of coffee with a friend; out there on the interwebs; via something you make with your hands; or any other way.

There is so much joy to be found in storytelling.


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