Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Tiger Stripe Tee - July 2022

Tiger Stripes

When we put on the right clothes - ones that equip; hold meaning; make us feel like ourself - we carry a physical reminder of the things we are about; which informs our work and play.

All day long we field questions regarding identity. Are we who we say we are? How dare we. As if. Try again. Not likely. Even the highs can sneakily ebb away our convictions.

And through the clutching of that physical representation of self, we stand. Hands thrust deep into pockets, we plant our heels and decide to continue. Again and again and again.

Clothes remind us of a reality that hasn't taken physical form just yet. We can be beautiful, and strong, and also in process.

Meet my July tee, coming early so you'll have her for the 4th. Since January, we've been reimagining the confidence journey to be pacing and growling over our mental borders (based on the Hebrew word for meditate, literally translated as growl). Check out January's leopard, February's wolf, and March's tiger.

The quirky imagery of Fashion Tiger is rooted in these truths: We fight for a wardrobe of hard hitting clothes, because we need to exist in a reality that has not come yet. We are bringing it about as we day-by-day attack our to-do lists and goals.

Why I am not reopening orders this Summer...

(Did I really just write that sentence?)

If I open orders now, I am agreeing with the current reality of "there's not enough me, or time, to get everything done". I will spend a lot of energy getting a few skirts out the door, and find myself in August, the beginning of my work year, not having had much rest.

But there is a reality for my business that is not here yet. And my duty, is to live in that reality; plan for that reality; carry, birth and nurse that reality.

This brand and my story has for so long, been about empathizing in discouragement. I've led the pack as the most discouraged.

But the new reality I see and want to pull into existence for us, is about becoming a united front greeting victory. Arms linked, laughing, I see us taking step after step. 

My Tiger Stripe Tee is in the shop. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the combed cotton is beautifully soft, the stripes match across the side seams and the art is printed in SPARKLY blue ink! Knot her, crop her, tuck her, layer her. And remember as you go, that your life's work is to birth new realities. Though this fair trade blank is high quality, the size range is limited. Thank you for your patience.


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