Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The India Skirt

How We Got Here

In 2020, I was making stock for my retail space in St. Louis, shipping boxes back and forth to the East Coast and my sewist, Louise.

When Covid shutdowns began, I had to leave my retail space, and switched from making stock back to sewing skirts one at a time.

From 2020-2022, there weren't answers, only waiting and holding my nerve. And collecting data. I saw that the traditional size chart had serious flaws. There are 2.5" between a brand's S and M and 4" between XL and XXL. I saw that there were trends in women's preferences of skirt fullness, and that seemingly no two women preferred the same waist to elastic ratio.

In 2022, I began using block printed fabrics, sourced by a company named Ziyada. August 2022, we began to talk about manufacturing skirts at their workshop. November 2022, I hit a wall and fueled by exhaustion, questioned continuing the business. But by January 2023, I had scraped together a bit of a plan for some long term relief, and signed on the dotted line to manufacture this batch of skirts.

Meet the India Skirt

Today, you see a girl who has been trying every way, to create and sell a product, learning as I try, about why fashion matters.

First, I had to learn why it matters personally. As a stay at home mom in Manhattan, I needed to feel beautiful while also taking care of my daughter.
Then, I had to learn why it matters to those who buy it. We are taught, by ill-fitting, non-functional clothing, that we are wonky shaped but it doesn't matter because we don't have much purpose anyway.
Then, I had to learn why it matters to those who make it. Unless stated otherwise, our clothing is manufactured by people trapped in poverty, trapped in factories, trapped in oppression and modern slavery.

Fashion matters. On every level. When made correctly, fashion changes lives.

Meet the India Skirt.

The fabric: This stunning handmade block print, was created by Udit and his team, using natural dyes and ancient methods. It surprised me when it arrived (every block print has so far). There's depth and variation in the print you can't see in a picture. But also, the red is a gorgeous cheerful shade. I was expecting more maroon, but it's in between cherry and salmon. Actually, it's somehow both.

The length: Since I'm not able to prewash my fabrics, I tested this fabric to see how much it would shrink, and adjusted the pattern accordingly. The India Skirt is midi +6" (approximately 37" finished). Or at least, after her fist wash, she will be. That's the same length as the Erica Skirt.

The details: The waistband is 1" elastic with a 1" ruffle. Large pockets and fully lined. Machine washable and hang to dry (or you can throw it in the dryer, you won't hurt it).

The sizing: Sizes refer to your waist in inches. I suggest sizing down in this skirt. Adjust your fit by moving up and down sizes in even, 2" increments. And reach out if you need to swap sizes.

Thrilled to have multiple models showing the skirt.

Columbia is 5'7" and wearing size 42
Erica is 5' and wearing size 32
I'm 5'10" and wearing size 28

In the listing, there are lots of photos and it's amazing to see one skirt cross barriers of height, size and personal style.

Thank you for being here and happy shopping!



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