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Apologizing For Yourself

It's not that the clothes we wear make us confident, it's that they remind us that we're beautiful. Our confidence can be helped by a lovely dress or a new pair of shoes. But it can't be solely rooted there. Because spray tans fade. And clothes wear out. And weight fluctuates. And pimples come and go.

So. If no one has told you in awhile: you're beautiful. 

Of all the billions of people that ever were, there has never been a you before. You're like a rare, unique bird hidden in the jungle that's never been seen before until planet earth sent their drones to find you. And don't you dare forget it. 

In what ways do you apologize for your uniqueness by trying to change/hide/cover-up something you deem to be a flaw? That's the tricky thing about fashion. If you look too long at lovely inspiring images/instagrams/fashion magazines, you start to think about all the changes you want to make so that you can look just like someone else. 

I can only write this because I do it often. It's a hard thing to remember. 

Be YOU, enthusiastically please.
Mrs. Emily


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