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Audrey Cochran Takes Legit Photos And I Realize How Many Of My Dreams Have Come True

Mrs Emily in The Amy Skort

Ah Friends! After several months of making skirts, I finally have some pictures! These shots make me feel alllll of the feels. It has been such a journey getting skirts back in the shop at (I used to sell clothes on the dot com several year ago). To see these photos, it's the feeling of coming full circle. 

Mrs Emily in The Amy Skort

Mrs Emily in The Amy Skort

And then there's something else. To read Audrey's words... she has written about my business the things I try and convey. Which means somehow I'm communicating my "why". And that, after a couple of years of refining my vision, is an accomplishment.

Mrs Emily in The Amy Skort

Please click over and read all of her words. See all of her pictures. And locals, mention this blog post and receive 20% off your session. 

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And as for my skirt! Meet The Amy Skort. I've been living in mine all summer. And now, I'm transitioning her to Fall. Contact me for ordering deets. The Amy is made to your measurements and out of fabrics you choose.


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