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The influences around you are not wholly for you. 

If you have felt your identity under attack in recent months, there has to be a rebuttal of some sort.

There is something you know you can do, today, that will protect yourself.

For me, I needed to step back from social media. After four years of posting daily, I became aware of how it was shaping and forming my self-image to be constantly on the hunt for algorithm approval. I needed to move to a space that was safer for me, so that I could be a bolder, bigger, more true version of me.

Leaving social media was the thing I was most afraid of. It has been the one consistency in my brand the last 4 years. I will not be defined by algorithms, because then my brand is not being build on authenticity. That's my commitment to you - to become the truest form of myself so that you can be the most-benefitted. That's what confidence is: building on the foundation of our intrinsic worth by first and continually removing lies and attacks on who we are. We must understand that it is the truest form of ourselves that will most benefit the people we care for.

You know right off the top of your head the part of your life that gives you the most grief - maybe a relationship, maybe a blog or book you're reading, maybe a few people on social media you're following along with, maybe a magazine you rip through the pages of when you get the chance, maybe a tv show, maybe a Pinterest board.

Trying to escape the past few months has been my number one job. I keep trying to find a new way to hop overboard. But escapism essentially is a giant arrow pointing to your most vulnerable insecurity.

Where are you trying to escape? Where are you the most jealous? That's where you're the most vulnerable. That's where you're believing the lie that it's better to be someone else.

Do something today. Do something right now. Edit your life, so that you are listening to truth about yourself. We shouldn't be trying to hop overboard, but should be throwing overboard every negative voice, every thing that keeps us in the  cycle of comparison. THAT is building confidence. We can't build until we excavate. 

Mrs. Emily


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