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Confidence and decision fatigue

Your confidence, or the knowledge of your self worth, is constantly being questioned.

Anything you see or hear that is different than you, calls into question why you are different and if you should be different. That is a wonderful thing, and creates opportunity for self-reflection, evaluation. Some change is necessary and good!

But as we interact with others in person and online we are bombarded with great-sounding ideas and beautiful images that conflict with our sense of self. So, we end up making micro decisions hundreds and thousands of times a day.

Decision fatigue sets in and all of a sudden, it's harder to remember what to defend or how to defend it. The waters get clouded, and our inner voice that needs to say "I'm me and me is good", gets quiet, inundated with information to process. 

So please take from this, a reminder that you are really fabulous already. Today, many things will make you believe you are not. 

Mrs. Emily

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