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Defender Of My Universe

I’m wearing my mama-tee today.

“Defender of my Universe” I am building and protecting the culture of our home for my daughter.

My therapist described “balance” to me this morning: “It’s holding on to one thing while not letting go of the other”.

I tend to think of balance as a scale, add a little to one side and take a little from the other side, to achieve a perfect, peaceful resting state. But the picture in my mind after chatting with her this morning, is violent. Must. Keep. Holding. On.

My goals with are business and mom, together. And it truly is hanging on to one without letting go of the other. Stretched at all times, arms wide open trying to hold on with all my might.

It doesn’t feel natural or easy. Balance is not natural or easy. But it’s worth the struggle. There, that’s the word I was looking for - struggle. A beautiful struggle.

Mrs. Emily with daughter Olive

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