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Dressing Helps You Rest

Mrs. Emily Scuba Skirt

It's Friday of a long week over here, and all my thoughts are headed in one direction: how do I rest this weekend?

In general, I get dressed every day. So, when the weekend comes, and I spend pretty much the entirety of Saturday in my cozy jammas, I find more rest than if I spent everyday in pajamas.

Dressing can create a rhythm, that is especially appreciated during rhythm-less seasons of life. Structure is good. We stick to a schedule not just for the sake of productivity, but to help us rest. 

Think creatively about what you want to wear today. Enjoy a new skirt, or your favorite t-shirt. Dress for your day, so that when you have opportunity to stay in your comfies, it is well enjoyed.

P.S. This split skirt, which to be fair, feels as comfy as pajamas, is available here.

Mrs. Emily

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