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Due North

Building confidence is discovering who you are. As you do, you’ll find that because you are unique, your path is also unique. Like a compass, you have things in you that essentially are like due North. To head toward them is correct, and to head any other direction just feels wrong.

  1. If you don’t build confidence, you don’t meet that unique version of yourself and you don’t become familiar with those things in you that seem like due North.

  2. If you do build confidence, and begin to see that there’s somehow already in you, a direction you’re inclined to go, then there is at some point a fork in the road. You find to NOT go that direction is to ignore who you are.

10 years ago, as I got to know myself early in my career, I found there was a truth in me. And that truth was this business. It’s like due North, and runs parallel to my vision as a mother and wife.

As we are persevering in this season of isolation, we have a chance to get to know ourselves. How can we lean into that process and further grow our confidence so that the direction we’re headed is our due North?

For me, I’ve stopped consuming most things. My husband got me a subscription to WWD for my birthday. 

I’m tailoring what I’m consuming to who I am, because that’s how I’ll get to know myself better and be able to follow my specific path. I’m intentionally reading industry news and watching fashion shows.

Today I get to work on the belt designs for my belt bag. And last night I couldn’t sleep, nervous for this venture. It’s a lot of insecurity to tune out, so I can design what’s in my head and heart.

Confidence is a journey and getting to know yourself takes a lifetime. AND THEN, after you do say hello to inside-you, you find that inside-you already has a lot of plans and vision and he/she need YOU to support, protect, rally around, champion. 

The result of confidence is a life that is intentionally constructed over years. It is slow, steady, and sometimes lonely work. You are the only one who can do this tedious and beautiful job, but you are not the only one who will enjoy it. Your coworkers, friends and family will benefit.

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