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In this issue of BRAVE WOMEN IN SKIRTS...

Meet Katy. She started homeschooling this week, not by choice but because of COVID realities. And to prepare? She picked out a skirt for her first day of teaching. Here's her story:

Today Hope started Kindergarten, homeschool edition. We started early in hopes of taking sometime off to travel when things calm down. My office was turned into a classroom and Hope adores it. She’s been so excited to start homeschool along with our new mascot Hasel. 🐶

When I quit teaching 5 years ago I was a Dean at a Manhattan boarding school. I never thought I’d come back to teach kindergarten, of all things. Life is funny that way. The day turned out wonderful though and Principle Molnar even stopped by to congratulate our student on her first day. 🥰🤣

To give myself a bit more confidence and to dress for the role of teacher, I wore a few of my favorite designers clothes. Thanks Mrs. Emily for the amazing skirt. It definitely helped me have fun in my new role today!

I've talked to so many women moving into the role of educator. Many of them are putting their careers on pause for their children. This is next level difficult stuff. Katy had her small business queued for this Fall, when her daughter went to school. And she's had to take steps back, as she takes care of her family.

Last night, our once empty street was filled with families on walks and bike rides. I commented to Jarrett how all of us were living these perfect moments, but couldn't enjoy them. 

This is where dressing comes in. We wear comfortable clothes that make us feel confident because then we are most prepared for intimidating days of uncertainty. You will look back on these days, on the pictures you're taking. And you will see your life.

Click here for Katy's elastic waist skirt with pockets. Fully washable, made from a crazy soft cotton blend. When I picked out the fabric, it reminded me of crayons in a box. How fitting for it to be worn by a kindergarten teacher! 

Mrs. Emily


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