Le Bomb

One of the first caps I made was this cutie:

I called it the logo cap. See the big 'E'? And it had these awesome matte black glass beads all over it. I've been wearing mine consistently for a year now. I wear a lot of black, which is why this this cap seems to go with my everything. 

Before the logo cap, most of my designs had poms. The logo cap was one of my first beaded caps.

For this week's new cap, I made a version of the logo cap. The same lovely black beads, just sans the logo. Meet 'Le Bomb':

This cap is lowish-profile, the crown of the cap sits higher above the head than a dad hat, but lower than my other mid-profile caps. And what's super cool is that it's made out of bamboo! 

ENJOY the new cap! $35 and FREE shipping, hand-sewn by me. With lots of love. Pick it up HERE.

Mrs. Emily

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