Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

My Love of Dresses

Dresses go everywhere and they do everything:

1. Dresses are flattering. They glide right over things, adding lovely curves, taking others away. They make you feel put together and feminine.

2. Dresses simplify. A small selection of wonderful frocks ensures that when you go to pick out what you're wearing for the day, it's going to be easy and you're going to look great.

3. Dresses are appropriate in most settings. They can be casual when worn with white tennis shoes or converse all stars and are easy to dress up with strappy sandals or heels. I always wear mine with safety shorts so I can tackle the slide at the park with my daughter, no problem.

I wore this dress last week at my birthday party. But I wear it to the grocery store with my white tennis shoes too.

So this is how I started wearing and loving dresses:

In New York, I had a teeny closet, in a teeny apartment. By the end of my time in NYC, I had paired down my summer wardrobe to this:

7 dresses (one per day)

2 fancy dresses (for going out)

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of converse all-stars

1 pair of wedges

This collection came out of necessity, but oh how I fell in love with it. Once a week, I did laundry and washed and hung all my dresses to dry. And then every day, I blindly reached in and grabbed a dress from the rack. All the dresses went with all the shoes, so I'd just pick the pair appropriate for the day's activities.

Here's why it worked, other than because it drastically simplified my life and my laundry and my morning routine. (This was in the height of the season we shall call motherhood-to-toddlerdom):

Because the dresses I wore were special. They were carefully picked, and were the right silhouette, color, fabric and fit. I looked and felt pretty in them.

And so began my love of dresses. Talk about clothing that works hard for you. And right now, if you visit literally any store, you'll find alllll the summer dresses are on sale. The time is now, Lovely! Just remember, TRY ON! There's no other way!! This floral number I recently picked up could have gone either way. I had to try it on to figure out if it was the good kind of super loud floral print or the bad kind of super loud floral print.


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