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New Skirt Coming Next Week!

My favorite summer-time-hack is the knotted tee. It really does the trick on so many of my wonky-fitting t-shirts.

The hardest part of a look to get right, for me, has always been where the hem of my shirt meets the top of my pants.

If my pants cause a weird bulge (self-inflicted muffin top: when your pants are low rise and a tish too tight) then my tee has to somehow float over said bulge. 

If my pants are high rise, then there is no muffin-top, but most of my shirts are too long and then still look a little weird.

The waist of my skirts sits higher than my high rise jeans (way above the belly button) and solves just that problem. Any shirt, regardless of hem-length, can tuck into the sturdy elastic waist. And, like this picture from yesterday, you can knot a tee way up high and the elastic waist peeks through all cute-like.

I wore this (with fanny pack obvi) to Sams Club yesterday, and my daughter and I schlepped all sorts of things home. It was a great feeling to not be thinking about my clothing.

THAT is what achieving confidence through dressing is: when you aren't thinking about what you're wearing because you are comfortable and feel like your outside is well-representing your inside. Put another way, it's when you feel and look like yourself. Then you can handle some groceries. 💪💪💪

This skirt will be photographed properly next week, but I went ahead and listed it if you know you need it! :) She's in stock and ships immediately! Get here here.

Mrs. Emily

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