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On wearing crop tops.


(these are from my pinterest board on how-to-crop-top)

These days, almost all my skirts sit at my natural waist. Like these 2 I talked about in last week's post.

I tuck fitted tees and tanks into my high-waist skirts. It's become my summer uniform because it's comfy, easy, cute. THIS summer, I'm going to add in some crop tops because they go perfectly with high-waist skirts. Look at these ladies rocking their crop-toppin' looks:

What you need to know as you crop-top-shop:

1. Wear your crop top with something high-waisted. The goal is a peek of skin, or no skin at all. Never ever (for my taste) do I want my belly button showing. No ma'am. That's not the look I'm going for.

2. Wear your crop top in the right setting. What's super adorable at a summer picnic does not necessarily translate to the workplace, you know what I'm saying? 

3. Make sure your skirt/shorts aren't too short or too tight. My summer skirts are generally to the knee or below. If you wear a mini skirt with a crop top, well, it definitely comes off differently.

And finally. We're on this topic because I added a crop top to my shop!

It reads "INTRINSICALLY AWESOMESAUCE AND KIND OF A BIG DEAL" because you are, after all. I'll be wearing mine in the coming weeks and I'm sure you'll see pictures as I introduce it to my existing summer staples.

So have fun with a new trend this summer: the crop top. Try some on next time you're at the mall or buy mine in the shop

Mrs. Emily



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