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Safety in Numbers

I spent a couple of years seeing a therapist when I moved home from NYC. There were confusing things happening in my heart that needed unpacked so I could enjoy my life as mother, wife, friend, designer. 

Just this summer, I stepped away from social media, and spent time in the sun, with my family, riding bikes, cooking good food. I cried a lot, and felt really terrible about myself and my business. 

If you are attempting to process the destruction of this year, you may find that mourning is overwhelming. IGNORING how our lives have changed and what we’ve lost is easier. But I know this to be true: what you stuff down, WILL come up. It may go down as fear, self-doubt, self-hate, discouragement, or disappointment, but it comes up acid, thrown at the ones you love. 

When we build confidence, we start to process correctly. THEN, over time and with tears, difficulty turns to fire and compassion.

We are deep waters. It’s what makes us amazing creatures. But to keep them crystal clear and not weird and murky, takes analysis and vulnerability. There’s safety in numbers, and as I reconnect with many of you and hear your stories, I am able to tell more of mine.

I’m here, in the comments, in the dm’s, in my email. You have my ears!

Lavender Skater Skirt

Lavender Skater Skirt

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Mrs. Emily 


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