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That one time I almost puked...

Building confidence 👉🏻 is developing convictions about yourself and your worth 👉🏻 so that you can advocate for yourself.

Light of the World

The past week I had to stand up for myself 🤢 and ask for a full refund on a year old sewing machine. It was a lemon. As was each of its replacements. One year and 4 machines later I knew it was the right thing to do, but it made me want to vomit.


If I wasn’t SO into this building confidence thing, I’d figure out some other way. I’d sew with a broken machine. I’d accept that I don’t deserve to have the one that I paid for, that this is life and it’s unfair sometimes.

Light of the World Tee

LIGHT OF THE WORLD 👈🏻 this is what my tee is about. Advocating for yourself in this season is so important. What isn’t working for you that you’re accepting bc the alternative is going to bat for yourself?


I’ve cried more tears this past week over this dumb machine. But I’m SO HAPPY to have discerned the solution was to put my big girl pants on and ask for a refund.

Click here for the tee. And wear it as a reminder that being a peace-keeper sometimes comes at great personal expense.


Mrs. Emily

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