Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The confidence that comes from dressing is the wind in my sails as I travel the seas of my-daily-grind.

Each plant I buy looks really lovely when I bring him home. He then goes through a phase of wilting or drying out, as I figure out how often he likes watered and how much water he needs and where he likes to hang out so that he's getting the right amount of sun. And then, once we establish a rhythm, we're all good. He perks up, and I smile every time I walk by him.

My biz is the same. I've been tinkering for a year. And watching, and waiting to see what sticks, and what needs adjusting. And mourning some leaves as they wilt and fall to the ground. And cheering on new growth, though I often miss it at first.

So here are some thoughts, after a year hard at work.


The confidence that comes from dressing is the wind in my sails as I travel the seas of my-daily-grind.


I want to teach what I've learned, through years of experimentation, about how to put a successful wardrobe together.

I want to inspire, by filling the shop with a continual flow of pretty.


Please hold me accountable by expecting the following from me per week

  1. 1 new cap designed (to be added to the shop the following week).
  2. 1 cap photographed and added to the shop (that was designed the previous week).
  3. A blog post about how-to fashion.
  4. A newsletter, sent at the beginning of the week. An encouraging note chalk full of reflection, heart-plumbing and general epiphing.

Would you please join and encourage me in the following ways:

  1. Follow along on a social media platform. Instagram is my favorite, but I'm also on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.
  2. Say hello, and often too. It makes my day to hear from you. And refines my vision, knowing what you're liking and not liking. Because of all the intricate algorithms, your likes and comments help my posts be seen by more people. So if you see me, please say hi! And double click when you pass by! You can even share this blog post by clicking the link to facebook, twitter or pinterest below.
  3. Sign up for my newsletter. So we can meet face to face once a week and chat.

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