Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The facts lie...

There will be seasons of life that tell you to quit. Actually, that don't allow any movement forward. My business is there now. You may be in a version of this season too. If you have a side project that there is no time for right now, does that mean that heart-dream doesn't matter or that it will never happen for you?

I've been tossing around some pretty dreadful alternatives in my mind recently. I can't figure out how to move forward. And I can't muster the desire.

In my newsletter yesterday, I announced that my amazing sewist, Louise, will be stepping down from her position.

This comes on the heels of my decisions to step away from my retail space and social media space for the next bit.

We can't believe the facts because the "facts", as they exist in our brain, are only half the truth.

What's happening with my business now does not mean my product isn't quality, or that I haven't made progress. But certainly that's the very clear conclusion in my mind.

When we continually work to build confidence in ourselves, we ensure the narrative in our heads is the correct one. Trials that make us question if we are "good enough" can result in us building walls when we find we are not. But, having a correct view of ourselves, can increase our empathy. When we are forced to answer the question: "do these circumstances inform my worth?" we can first defend ourselves (to ourselves) and then because we have a proper understanding of the battle we just won, we can turn to our neighbor and empathize with their inner struggle.

And that's why I prioritize dressing. It's setting up lines of defense. It's a reminder to myself of my inherent, immovable worth. That's why it's extra hard to dress in tough seasons. 

In conclusion, there is no way forward yet. As I dress in the waiting season, I do so to remember where I've been and where I'm going.

With my business being 10 years old, I take comfort in its history. Through seasons of waiting and of movement, I have been learning so much about who I am and where I'm going. Whatever season you find yourself in, it is a valuable one. Make it count by showing up. 

Here's to getting dressed,

Mrs. Emily

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