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The Goodbye Dress

Last week I talked about how I first came to love dresses. This week, I'm talking about the potent power of a fabulous frock to diffuse a disastrous day.

You may remember, my best friend is moving away. Yes, my soul-sista is moving half a country away and I'm going to cry all the tears.

BUT FRIENDS. I have a secret weapon. I went shopping specifically to find a dress for the day I have to say goodbye. And here are the reasons my Goodbye Dress is going to help me.

Mrs Emily floral goodbye dress

The deets: H&M, full price at $35. Bell sleeve, off the shoulder, with pockets. In a fabulous floral print. This dress is the embodiment of all things happy.

1. My Goodbye Dress helps me celebrate. 

Without my dear friend, I couldn't have made the progress I have this past year. She has given me valuable insight into the intricacies of running an online business. And INvaluable love, support and literal hand-holding as I've worked to build my online cap emporium and professional enthusiast empire. She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I think of her when I write my posts to you - because I hope to be the encouragement to you that she's been to me.

There is always so much to celebrate, but I am forgetful and tend to focus on the negative. By intentionally being thankful, I remember the good, and the bad is forced to take a back seat. A lot of that is adjusting my mentality. But. Also. Wearing a gorgeous and cheerful sundress helps.

My new dress is lighthearted and fun. You can't look at it and not smile. My Goodby Dress reminds me celebrate a unique and wonderful friendship.


2. My Goodbye Dress helps me take care of myself.

I've learned that I enjoy life more when I first take care of myself. 

Fashion is a vehicle for self-care because wearing lovely clothing makes you feel lovely. And then, because you feel lovely, you are filled with confidence - which helps you battle whatever frustrations the day brings.

Even the act of shopping is a form of self-care. In order to find my Goodbye Dress, I had to carve out time to take myself shopping. And what an excellent opportunity to intentionally take a moment, breathe and reflect.


3. My Goodbye Dress gives me something I CAN control.

Because in general, things are out of my control. Which is mostly a comfort to me. I believe God to be big, and working on my behalf, which means when life takes an unexpected turn, I know things are in much larger, more capable hands than mine.

However, I am fretful by nature. Getting dressed, doing my hair, putting on makeup is a great use of my nervous energy. It gives me something to control when I. just. need. to. control. something.



In conclusion.

Everytime I say goodbye to a precious soul, I'm a little less enthusiastic about meeting people again. After my move from NYC to IL 2 years ago, I was ready to never talk to another person again. Thankfully I resisted the urge, and immediately met my dear friend. 

There are things inside of us that only another person can unlock. We need each other, to become fully ourselves.
Life is hard, relationships are hard. I know. The reason I write so much, so honestly, is so that you know you're not doing something wrong just because your life is hard. There's so much good out there. But we are in control of how we perceive our life's circumstances and how we react to them.
We can do big things if we master the not-running-and-hiding part. The first, very easy step, is to carve out a little time in the morning to put yourself together. YES to the lipstick. YES to that necklace you love but never wear. YES to the flirty skirt you've been saving for the perfect moment. These things matter more than we give them credit for. Many days I think of my cap and pink lipstick as armor. Because truly, it is a battlefield out there.
So keep on, and know I'm keeping on, right here beside you.
Mrs. Emily




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