Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The squirrels have eaten your tomatoes.

They didn’t just eat them; they ate them on your patio furniture and wiped the guts on your cushions. 

In this season many things that are lost or different have been violently and insultingly taken. We are forced to get creative, dig deep, forge new paths. And it’s the worst.

I'm Ok Tee

The squirrels DID eat my tomatoes. All of them except 1. They DID eat them on my patio furniture, and they DID smear the guts on my cushions. 

But guess what? They grocery store sells locally grown tomatoes that are big and wonderful. And as much as I would like to knock some squirrel heads, complain about my cushions, lament that I’m paying for tomatoes that should have been free...

Being ok is not my favorite. Being ok means you’re not great. It means you’re recovering from something and you’re not quite there.

But it also means you’re not at the bottom. You’re hanging on; you’re still surviving.

That’s why being ok can be victorious. Because of perspective. When I wear this tee I choose the glass half full outlook that yeah, things suuuuuuuck on many levels, but there is a grocery store that sells tomatoes: there is a way forward that may take more resources, but is a good and possible way. 

Get your tee here. She runs a full size big, so order down. And let’s be ok together. 

Mrs. Emily

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