Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The Trendy Injection

Trends are the short lived basically disposable but super exciting moments that happen in fashion. I wear well-fitting, classic clothing so that I can rotate trendier pieces in and out. A few years ago, I bought these dalmation-print booties. Sooooo good. Because the rest of my wardrobe is neutral and classic, they went with everything. (I bought them for my mom and grandmother too - so here's three generations of fabulous feet.)

This November, I bought a bag. It was a huge, brown leather fringed beast, and I made friends with the cashier who gave me an additional 30% off which priced it in budget. I introduced it to all my Winter staples: the wool blazer and the burgundy puffer vest and the hunter green rain booties and they all blushed.

There it is casually relaxing as I sip my coffee and get to sketching one day this past December.

Trends bring new life to existing staples. The grey blazer and burgundy puffer vest that I live in all winter look great with my fringe bag. Because my wardrobe is made up of classic pieces, it will always be up for an injection of dalmatian print or fringe. It's become, accidentally, a really great method for building a quality wardrobe that always feels fresh.

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