Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The road to YES is littered with NO's.

I'm seeing the fruit of my resiliency.

After a wearying January of closed doors, I'm wrapping up my month-end-review and my studio is full of new life (and sunshine) and I find I'm cautiously optimistic. Because, I've been led to some yesses, by way of the no's. I turned my attention to my caps this month. I opened a wholesale account with my favorite hat manufacturer, I ordered lots of new blanks, I spent several hours wandering bead aisles and collecting bits of lovely.

My lil heart knows to keep on trudging, And sure enough, I made it through.

Yes, I greeted the new year with enthusiasm and was slapped in the face with a slew of problems to solve and no guidebook to help. (Oh ya, and my insecurities which always seem to be nipping at my heels no matter how quickly I run.) But sure enough, I made it through.

I'll take all the no's, knowing from experience that the road to YES, is littered with NO's.

If I look back to September, I was struggling with 100 issues that come with trying to get caps and tees produced, trying to bead them, trying to sell them. And most of those issues have been worked out. In fact, it was the process of working out the issues that led to the product I have now. So, I'll take all the no's, knowing from experience that the road to YES, is littered with NO's. 

What are your NO's?

Sometimes identifying them is a good step in the process. Intimidate them, let them know they'll soon be trampled underfoot, just another golden brick on your journey.

My goal is to be with you as you travel, and to do that, I'm trying a little of everything. Most recently, my blog. I'm thinking of it as a wastebin, which allows me the freedom to just write away, mostly hidden blog posts as I tinker, dissecting fashion and trying to put it back together again in a way that's helpful to YOU. My end goal is to create a resource that assists you as you build and maintain your wardrobe. Fashion is sold as a frivolity and too few recognize its power (the good and bad). Feeling pretty, creates a reservoir within to draw from as you love others and look for the courage to chase your dreams.

Have a really great week,
Mrs. Emily

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