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This woman is crazy

After 4 years of pouring my heart out on social media, and making very very dear friends, I announced that I was stepping away from my accounts.

What a huge thing for my business, but no different than what you're dealing with. No more scary, or unknown. Over the past 4 years, and then the past 4 months, life has changed and changed some more.

What you do today will look similar to what you did 4 months ago, but laced with electricity. Your kids may not notice that you smile a little less; have a little less patience...But under the surface of 'normal' lies a bubbling pot of hurt and anger and confusion and empathy and frustration and fear.

Let's get dressed today, sweet friend. Let's put our clothes on, in acknowledgement of the state of our hearts, and instead of fighting to hide our growing insecurities, lean into tending them.

How? I am committed to being here daily, for you. You can come and sit with me here on this blog. You can talk with me in my personal email. It's the same plan as always before, the first step is showing up, in an honest way. Being ok that when you take a moment to look inside yourself you see an unfamiliar raging volcano that you are scared to acknowledge for fear that it may blow and you no longer can keep your composure.

I'm excited to have moved to a space that I can be free with my feels, so that I can more honestly talk to you about yours. I'm turning on the comments, so please feel free to add to the conversation!

Mrs. Emily



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