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Wardrobe Budget

Wardrobes don't just happen. They don't grow and evolve with your style and needs magically or overnight. They need tended and they need time. I think it's helpful to realize that, especially when you feel like nothing fits or looks cute and that your neighbor always seems to look super together and on trend.

You can have an amazing closet with some thought, planning and a lil experimentation. And if that sounds totally intimidating, well, that's what this blog is all about: decoding fashion. Let's start at the beginning.

The Budget. A monthly budget encourages you to add to your wardrobe consistently. If you add no new items to your closet for weeks and weeks, then you will wake up and hate everything you own on the same day. If you have a steady, even if small, drip of new pieces, then you may wake up and hate all your old stuff, but you'll always have something that feels new...

The List. Keep tabs on what you need. As you go about your routine, getting dressed in the morning, take note of things you need and items/looks you are loving. Your list might look something like this:

  1. my socks all have holes
  2. my shirts are too short, I don't wear a whole section of my closet because my current jeans don't look good with that length of top.
  3. every time I go to dress, I reach for the same one thing. That fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy fuzzy sweatshirt.
  4. I never wear this type of shoe.
  5. I always opt for this type of shoe.
  6. I would live in these pants.
  7. I feel like a sausage in these pants..

The Shop. According to available budget and priority of need, figure out what needs attention first. Shop once a month - a specific trip to spend your budget and cross something off your list. 

  1. As you're shopping, notice the trends. Look at the mannequins and full price clothing, which are amazing resources - giving you ideas for reworking the current items in your closet and inspiring new directions in your dressing. All of this full-price perusing might leave you feeling grumpy. I'm sorry for that. But keep on. Because you might also find there is one trend or one thing that sticks out to you. For instance, you notice leather fringe is everywhere and then all of a sudden realize you absolutely love leather fringe and are dying for some in your life. Jot that down on the ol' list. Don't purchase. You came for socks. But do note for next month or maybe the month after. It's often the trends that can give new life to the things you already own. More on that here, the post about the leather fringe bag that's freshening up all my old favorites.
  2. Don't buy unnecessaries. I know, that clearance rack beckons. I think we all get a thrill from a deal. BUT. We're talking about your wardrobe budget here. And your once-a-month shopping trip to spend said budget. I have a feeling you need socks more than whatever amazingness you find for 60% off. I like to have a wardrobe budget and a personal budget. That way, if I do want to shop clearance racks, that goes under 'personal', leaving my wardrobe budget safe for thoughtful purchases of needed items.
  3. When you return from your shopping, you're not done. If you bought a few new pairs of socks, then you are due for a good sock drawer clean. You can use the very bag you brought your socks home in. Take out all the holey, too thin, too scratchy, strangely tall, and mismatched socks and toss them in the bag. Place your new socks in their clean drawer. Maybe take a moment to remove their tags. Throwing out the old socks is as important as buying the new socks. Trust me on this. The idea is not to buy buy buy all the clothes, but to weed weed weed the garden of your closet, taking out what doesn't work as you add what does.
When you start shopping this way, you are able to plan in advance and prioritize things you really want. Like the addition of fringe or a new pair of expensive jeans. Tending your wardrobe is a form of self care, just like taking time to read a book in a bubble bath.

There will never be enough in your budget. You may always leave the store feeling like your dumb socks are dumb and won't make a difference in your giant-closet-with-nothing-quite-right-in-it. Time. Give it time.

You're amazing. Have a good one,




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