We Light Up Dark Places

As women, we light up dark places.

Light of the World Tee

I used to sing a song when I was little: “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”. And we’d hold up one finger and pretend it was a candle.

See the candle-finger on my tee?

Light of the World Tee

I believe that when we protect our shine, we operate out of a truer sense of who we are.

Because that’s a more vulnerable place to be; almost as delicately as a candle flame, discouragement can snuff us out.

Light of the World Tee

I’m rounding 2 weeks back on social media after a summer away. 2020 snuffed my little candle out. Circumstances, fear and anxiety took all the oxygen out of the air. And I was asking questions like “how dare I?” And “who do I think I am to try?”

Light of the World Tee

I’m wearing this tee all the time (2 days this week bc I have multiple 😛). I’m so grateful to YOU for the support I’ve received these past weeks. I feel like you appreciate and love me for me. That’s a true friend right? One who champions your YOU-ness.

May I be that for you. Click here for the tee. And have a great weekend.

Mrs. Emily

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