Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 



Socks without holes that don’t slide into our shoes when we walk, that make our shoes more comfortable and our feet not too hot and not too cold.



My Mom gave me a pair of wool socks after my daughter was born bc none of my boots fit. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with brands and slowly building a small collection of wool socks. Wool absorbs moisture - way more than cotton - so it keeps your feet comfortable even when they sweat. Wool insulates super well, even when wet and dries much quicker than cotton or other synthetics. So here are my tips!

+I go to my local hiking/outdoor retailer to get mine. And I get 1 or 2 pairs a year, tops. (I’ve found a collection of 10ish is more than enough.)

+The higher price point is a blessing. Take the opportunity to clear out your sock drawer and have just a few pairs that really work, rather than a drawer stuffed with wonky socks that don’t fit correctly.

+Buy socks FOR the boots and shoes you want to wear them with: thin, no show for my white tennis shoes; slightly thicker ankle height for my Adidas hightops; taller and fluffy for my doc martins; tall and thin for my fancy boots; and mega tall mega thick for my hunter rainboots.

+I’ve tried Merrel, Keen and Smartwool, but my favorite brand is Fits!

+Check fiber content. The socks don’t need to be all wool but I’ve been surprised by how little wool some have in them.

If you want to up your weather appropriate footwear game, try wool socks first. They extend the season of spring and summer shoes; they make uncomfortable shoes more comfortable; they keep your feet the right temp bc they absorb sweat! 

Indigo Bangladesh Midi

YAY for building confidence via socks. Because when we feel comfortable, we feel better about ourselves.

****P.S. how stunning are these women? Send me a photo or a collage of how you’d style one of my skirts with warm or waterproof footwear and you could win a free skirt!! More info here.

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