Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

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Did you know that #theAMYskort was only supposed to be made out of 1 fabric? When I originally started selling this skirt a year ago, I bought tons of this denim. . I was going to offer the skort in 3 lengths and only 1 fabric to keep things as simple as possible for me. Because with each new fabric comes new thread colors, new machine settings, different elastic, different amounts of fullness for the skirt. . But days before the show, I opened up the denim fabric and found it was covered in stains and holes and it reeked of formaldehyde. . I took a deep breath, and went shopping. I picked out a million different fabrics and let clients choose which length and which fabric they wanted. . I tried to start slow and steady and the fabric disaster caused me to speed full steam ahead. . Because I added all the different fabrics, #theAMYskort sold really well at my home show and then online. I’ve been making it for a year now, and I’ve seen it in so many different fabrics. . Big intimidating roadblocks can lead to some very cool alternatives. I’ve been learning that lesson over and over in my journey these past few years. Check out my stories today for the original post from a year ago talking about this headache! . . #MrsEmilyFashionAdvocate #DebunkingTheFashionMyth

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