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Your trying is good enough.

I'm Ok Tee I spent 7 weeks away from social media this summer, because I had started to believe some things about myself that weren’t true.

In my time away, I very intentionally started consuming things that inspire me. And as I returned, I returned to produce content, and talk with you. But not to consume content.

It is GIANT perspective, that allows us to stand our ground in every circumstance. And GIANT perspective comes by way of defending who we are (to ourselves) in the face of every lie we encounter.

I'm Ok Tee

I am watching my number of followers tick down. And I am wondering if I’m being perceived as a jerk by the precious friends and neighbors whose posts I am not able to keep up with. And that sucks. But you know what’s cool? I feel more inspired than I ever have in this business. I’m planting seeds this week that are way more exciting than anything I could have planned. And it’s because I believe the truth abut myself: that I’m not perfect, but I’m trying. And my trying is good enough.

Your trying is good enough.

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