Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Being #MrsEmilyFashionAdvocate is not about making the perfect skirt

I’ve been making zero waste skirts this week and thinking about my history as Mrs. Emily, business ma’am. And it’s been humbling. 😳 But here is what I’ve found over the now 10 years I’ve been selling my clothes:

Confidence is built regardless of the outcome, because it can be developed along the way.

Being #MrsEmilyFashionAdvocate is not about making the perfect skirt so you can see you’re beautiful! But rather, making a wonderfully functional (and pretty) skirt that EQUIPS YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY.

You’re headed toward confidence. You’re picking it up along the way, as you fight with feeling insignificant. With each day you show up, you are building something UNSEEN: resiliency, and a deeper understanding of what you’re made of and for. 💪🏻

Come buy a skirt, that eventually (like a loooong time from now) will fade and wear out.
But come build confidence, and it will last this life and, as you influence those around you, into the next.


Welcome to ZERO WASTE WEEK: buy any Bangladesh skirt and add zero waste poufs for free, by using the code POUFS. And wear it while remembering that your skirt is beautiful because of what was meant for the garbage bin.

Zero Waste Poufs

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