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How I'm avoiding WORRY...

In this season of so many unknowns, I'm finding AMPLE opportunity to worry. What's saving my sweet heiney, is my schedule.

I set it a few weeks ago, not knowing that it would keep me from wallowing in self-pity.

3 hours every morning, I work. My daughter has a list of things she needs to do, while I sew like the wind.

At 12pm, my work hours are over and she holds me accountable to leaving my office because she is READY to have some fun.

But, when my 3 hours are up, I've just barely had time to finish my sewing. If I could spend a moment more "working" then maybe I could get through some of that worry I had queued up. Then maybe I could worry my way towards a solution.

I don't want to arrive at solutions by way of worry. 

So I will wait. I will wait by the side of the 3' pool in my parent's backyard. I will wait at the park while we picnic. I will wait until tomorrow's work hours, when I sew furiously. And then, I will wait some more.

One day, I won't wait. And on that day, whatever way forward my business finds, will be a product of patiently enduring. I believe my business will be better for it.

Mrs. Emily

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