Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

It's a war zone in my studio!

The first skirt on my new machine!

It’s a war zone in my studio. I just finished putting together my new industrial machine and instead of hopping to cleaning, I picked up a very special skirt. I feel a story coming on!:

A couple of weeks ago, after waiting months for a replacement machine to arrive (Covid has started a sewing revolution and many sewing machines are out of stock!!), I got the call. The next morning, I packed my machine up and took a few minutes to quickly cut out a skirt to bring with me. The plan was to sit and sew at the shop and test out as many machines as necessary to find one that worked. (Just to review, I bought a new machine in August of last year. It was broken out of the box and eventually replaced with a new one that was also broken.)

I sat down with my skirt and the machine wouldn’t wind a bobbin. GASP. What?!

Moved on to the next machine, whose thread cutter was on the fritz.

So repairs were being made on both of those machines and for 4 hours, I was again and again at the point of tears out of frustration, trying to sew my skirt and running into machine problems. WHAT do I do?!

Finally, overwhelmed and not wanting to explode, I took the best of the broken machines and went home. The next day, after sleeping on it, I called the shop and asked for a full refund on the machine and all the accessories I had gotten to go with it.

That’s why I have this new industrial machine (see yesterday’s post).

And so, after finishing installing my industrial, I didn’t reach for the broom to clean up. I reached for my skirt to finish it.

I cruised through the skirt quickly and easily, finishing her before lunchtime. What relief!

And that’s why this is a special skirt. She’s both the end of one season and the beginning of the next. She represents where I’m going, which is a product of where I’ve been.

Working in a crazy studio!

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