Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

My inspiration behind these designs...

The past 2 months, I’ve been running towards the goal of listing skirts online.

It was a massive undertaking with tears and joy, but more than both: a LOT of hard work.

Why? Why do I push so hard and care so much? It’s not because I want you to buy my designs and prove I’m a good designer.

I see my designs as the means to an end.

And what’s the end? Transformation in your life. I believe we settle into habits that end up defining us. What we wear affects how we interact with our world; how we approach our lives. It’s often a reflection of how we see ourselves on the inside.

Even over-spending and over-primping is a habit, that can reflect an inner void.

I told my daughter this week that it took me 15 years to figure out how to menu plan. When I first got married, I bought frozen pasta dishes and added hot dogs. Then I found Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals; where she taught me the proper way to cut an onion and bread a chicken cutlet. It was years more before I developed a schedule and collection of meals that allowed me to plan and prep for a week of dinners and school lunches while also working.

Building a wardrobe is the same. Developing skill and technique, while working through inner issues along the way. There is so much self discipline involved to:
*avoid over spending
*avoid jealousy of others who will always have more and better
*retrain the voice of negativity telling you what you can and can’t wear
*tune out other people’s opinions about your style
*learn about the colors and silhouettes that make you feel ‘like yourself’
*learn what types of clothing work with your lifestyle
*develop systems of putting together outfits and taking care of your clothes that give time rather than take it.

You thought this was just a skirt 😜. This is my menu for Spring/Summer. My favorite tee, that I chopped up and knotted; my oldest flip flops. Imagine it with a messy top knot, limited makeup and giant sunnies 🕶.

Now imagine, because I’ve gotten ready for my day in 15 minutes, and because everything in this picture is washable, I have given myself the gift of time and confidence. Both are invaluable as I work and mom.

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