Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

My mother was right. I AM special.

I talked here about how our self confidence can't be based on our clothes/makeup/hair/etc. It has to be rooted in something far more stable.

I often feel self-conscious. And it's become a reminder for me now - to stop and give myself a talking-to. About WHO I am and WHY I'm special. "Young lady", I start out, and go from there.

Feeling self-conscious is an opportunity to remember that you are more than the sum of your accomplishments and perfectly-applied mascara. Sometimes, I make an opportunity for myself to feel uncomfortable, so I can practice loving myself in uncomfortable situations. It helps increase my self-confidence.

Take last Tuesday for example. I wore an off the shoulder dress and blue eyeliner. I picked up my kid at school and I was over-dressed. And I felt awkward and then I reminded myself that I was beautiful. Get it?

Here's another example. Every once in awhile I go sans make-up. I wear my cute joggers and maybe a leather jacket, but then a cap, ponytail, and no make-up. And when I run my errands, hang out with a friend, whatever; and my face feels all naked and shiny and tired, I remember to remember: I am more than my makeup.

And one more example: sometimes, I put on red lipstick. And I always feel like that girl in red lipstick, like everyone is looking at me. But I wear it, to remember that I am special enough for everyone to look at.

You know when you wake up and you slept wrong and your neck is super stiff and then all day you keep stretching it specifically where it hurts, just to loosen it up. Well, this is like that. I poke myself where I'm uncomfortable, because I know it will work lovely loosey goosey magic in expanding my self-confidence.


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