Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

The Air is Crispening

The air is turning crisp - and I’m here for it!! Click here for this 3-season skirt (I’m in the size M) and tee (I’m in the size XS).

I got to sew this morning, and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. See my new #jukisewingmachine back there?? I’m like a new mother! Or maybe she’s the mother? 🤔

Either way, because I advocated for myself NOT ONCE, but over and over for a year, I have equipment that works. We show up for OURSELVES, and we do it EVERYDAY. And we do it by GETTING DRESSED (among other things 😊).

Red Madras Midi Skirt

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