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The Case Of The Disappearing Cankles

WELL. Once upon a time, I found some super cute pants online and ordered them and they for sure didn't fit great but I kept them anyway because you know; it's a pain to take things back and they technically did cover my body which sometimes, is the only checkmark I have patience/time/energy for when buying clothes. 

And so there we were, posing for a photo on a warm Spring day when all of a sudden. Daaaaaang it: cankles.

Toddler cankles are 100% adorable. Grown-woman-cankles are another can of worms entirely.

Here's the thing. Pants whose hemlines hit right between the knee and ankle, are creating a lil vignette: drawing attention to the widest part of your calf. Now: draw the hemline up and you have a knee, push the hemline down and you hit the ankle. Knees and ankles, on most people I've ever seen in my life, are skinnier than mid-calfs. Check out the difference when I pair my hightop all-stars with ankle-length pants versus calf-length: 

As you're putting together your wardrobe, avoid cankles by assessing if the hemline of your pants is doing you any favors. Use your full-length mirror to your advantage!

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