Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 


Meet my newest heart project. A Bangladeshi leather bag. Manufactured at a factory where workers are paid a fair wage. With Bangladeshi leather, some of the best in the world. Made to be a forever bag, that can be updated with belt options that make it a clutch, belt bag or crossbody. Shipped across the ocean in a beautiful matching leather box that will be the perfect keeper-of-things for years to come. 

Bangladesh Belt Bag

Both the box and the bag have my logo embossed in the leather. 😳 The quality is another level. The functionality is beyond bags I’ve used before. The meaningful manufacturing is what we need right now. 

Bangladesh Belt Bag

My realities with this business are pretty inflexible. But even with limited budget and work hours, and no longer having any help sewing, my vision is getting BIGGER. 

I dream of building from the ground up; a business that rewrites how things are manufactured; to take care of more than just the women who wear my skirts but also the people who make them. 

These bags will be in your hands for Christmas 2020 👈🏻 I can’t even believe it. 😭👏🏻♥️ This is really big for my business. And I’m so excited to share the process behind the scenes with you in these next months: In these photos you can see the paper prototype, the first sample (red vinyl), the black leather sample, and my musings for one of the belts.

This would not have happened without Jackie of Motif Handmade who has years of experiencing manufacturing in Bangladesh. The relationships she’s made in that time, and her dedication to her vision of connecting young designers with transparent supply chains in Bangladesh; have made possible this beautiful, meaningful product.

Can't wait? Check out the Bangladesh Skirts here. Using fabrics handwoven by fair trade weavers in village homes and workshops. With yarn made from recycled scraps and hand dyed with natural dyes.

Mrs. Emily

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