Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Le Rawr - September 2022

The September Skirt

Comfortable, washable, exciting clothing is just another system - like menu planning or my white board calendar. We put it in place so that we can do more. When we treat the sometimes arduous process of finding the right clothes, as a foundation level system, every other thing we add on top of the pile becomes more stable. And like other systems, over time dressing becomes easier.

I am not talking about perfectly polished clothing, but instead the right pieces for our life, jobs, body, personality. Meet The September Skirt - definite cowboy vibes, with the horse print and brown leopard waistband. Midi + 2" is the length, and by the way, this 1/4" rolled hem is an inexpensive alteration for your local tailor, do not be afraid to make her shorter, if that works better for you.

I spent an hour tearing up my closet, and tried on lots with my skirt. I found the leopard waistband visually lengthens the torso; makes the skirt go easily with brown and black; and introduces pattern mixing to a look; making it easier to put additional patterns with it (like the scarf and black floral shirt I'm wearing).

Let's talk sizing for a quick moment. The main measurement you want to focus on is your waist circumference. I cut the elastic to fit the circumferences listed in the size chart. If you are in between or outside the size chart, pick the "custom" option and leave your waist and hip measurement in the notes section of your order and I will make your skirt to those measurements.

Le Rawr

My Le Rawr tee is a yummy poly/cotton blend in Fall colors with a fabulous neckline. September is when all the sleeveless are gone from the stores, but it's still too hot to go full-plaid to the apple orchard (so many times I've tried). I love the idea of filling the gaps in our wardrobes (think the air-conditioning-sweatshirt). A sleeveless tee in September is a hole in mine. Plus, this particular sleeveless borders on cap sleeve, and I love that little bit of extra armpit coverage (an interesting non-fashiony term but we all know exactly what I'm talking about).

We Tigers, understand the importance of a hard hitting wardrobe and so, are tenacious in our approach. We don't buy clothing, we buy the vehicle that is going to get us to our destination. Le Rawr.


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