Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Wrecked in February

This tee is like, the EXTRA version of last month's tee.

Last month was understated colors, this month is neon paint splatters.

Last month was a chic wildcat, this month is a crazed she-wolf.

Last month was simply undone, this month is all the way WRECKED.

And it's a reflection of our confidence journey.


I’ve really been struggling with exhaustion lately.

I'm 2 weeks away from reopening orders and unlike previous launches, I'm dragging. I'm usually the energizer bunny, where is my excitement?

I feel older and wiser now. And a little more finite. I know just how hard it is to make good clothes. It's hard to design them, hard to execute them.

But as my work increases in intensity, so does my conviction that what I'm doing, and how, is really important.

The way I design
The way I source fabrics
The way I adjust patterns
The way I sew
The way I sell

When I started this biz 12 years ago, I had a vague idea that fashion was helpful. I've built mostly blind, just doing the next thing, until this point.

Now, I've found my personal dreams align with larger scale world issues and I see that I have the potential to change how things are.

This is the root of my exhaustion. I can't quit.


We weren’t made to hold back.

The longer I travel on this confidence journey the more I’m convicted of how quiet I’ve been most of my life.

We were made to be extra. And once we meet that extra version of ourselves, she will surprise us with what her plans are: they're too much, too fast, too unexpected, too daunting, too expensive, too confusing.

And too important to ignore.


Enjoying with Gritted Teeth

So now, let's take another look at this lady beast. See? She's the you that you're getting to know. She's louder than you're comfortable with, and has more to say than you're prepared for.

Drop shoulder, and drop hem, this cotton blend tee has an oversized fit with a slight scoop neck. I'm in the size Small.

I'll be wearing my February Tee this month, as I open my queue and leap into the great unknown of 2022. This is what it looks like to realize dreams, and I'm not going to miss out enjoying just because I'm terrified.


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