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ZOMBIEMOM - October 2022

The way of the dreamer is not instagrammable.

I’m always battling the non-instagrammable-vibes of my growing business. Often I overthink or avoid posting, because what I do isn’t shiny enough.

But know what? As the mother of my dream, it’s my responsibility to be more concerned for her (my dream) than for my image.

The way of the dreamer is not instagrammable. We are exhausted and excited, holding many things together, dropping a few too.

Chic, but definitely undead.

My original inspiration for this tee was a 1950’s housewife, cute apron tied over her full skirt, bending to get the roast from the oven. Only upon closer inspection, she was a zombie. Chic, but definitely undead. I was thinking of myself - makeup smeared, surfacing from my hidey hole to pick up my daughter after school.

Mothering Zombies

The first time I wore mine was after my daughter’s 24 hour flu, running on a couple hours of sleep, cleaning puke off various surfaces. I giggled to myself at how appropriate my tee was. But I didn’t design this art exclusively for mothers.

We wear this proudly, as the mother of undead dreams. Sophomore year of high school I started the journey I’m stilllll on. First I had to learn to draw, and sew. I had to find a school I could afford, figure out how to get to NYC. I had to live some life, get some inspiration, have a baby and learn to be a mom. Then I had to build a studio, build a product, build a custumer base. All of that was mothering - taking care of the needs of my dream.

If you’ve ever wondered how I could possibly have had a business for 10 years before becoming profitable, then you understand the zombie imagery. There have been seasons where my business has been non-existent; dead; in the ground.

So we are mothers: to dreams that need our patience, perseverance, steady hand, and work ethic.

We are zombies, like that housewife working her fingers to the bone (pun intended), undeniably chic, unapologetically a hot mess.

Our dreams are zombies: at times 6 feet under, but eventually rising from the earth again. And who’s waiting to greet them but their mama.

Wear this tee with a renewed commitment to wait on years-long-developments in your story. I paired mine with my over the knee boots, and also loved it tucked into a mini skirt, peeking out from under my denim jacket. ENJOY!



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