Products made in India, sport my new "Fashion Tiger" label and those made in Illinois, my traditional "Mrs. Emily" label. 

Fashion Tiger - March 2022

Meet Fashion Tiger

I feel like this tee needs absolutely no introduction. I mean, loooook at her! A magenta tiger who's also a fashion designer?!

The final in my series of wild animals, I adore Fashion Tiger. A self portrait of sorts, it's my pincushion, drawing pad, measuring tape...

The blank I used is a 100% cotton relaxed fit v-neck. I'm in the small. I recommend your normal size if you like it fitted (not tight), and a size up if you like extra room.



My goal is one new tee a month in 2022, and this is my 3rd!

Did you know:

Each blank so far, is a different fabric blend. January's is a flowy tri-blend of cotton, polyester and rayon. February's, a crisp poly-cotton blend. And March's is full of body, made from 100% cotton.

Each blank so far, is a different fit. January's is a unisex tee with a scooped neck. February's, a boxy tee, with a drop shoulder and drop hem. And March's is a women's relaxed fit tee with a v-neck.

Each tee so far, is a different color palate. January's is monochromatic with a demure cat. February's is neon with a rock-and-roll she-beast, and March's is colorful, with a whimsical tiger tailer.

Which means:

With these 3 tees:
You can see side by side, the difference fiber content makes in the feel of a garment.
You have a sample platter of volumes, necklines, and fits.
You have range of styles available to you as you dress.

This excites me on a deep level because fashion is about playing. And finding the "right" clothes is a trial and error process. When we are self conscious, we stop playing dress up. We rope off colors and styles. We stick to safe clothing and repeat basic colors and silhouettes.

With Tees in '22, we will talk about deep truths, unlock confidence, but just as important, we will play. We will be trying new colors and shapes and fabrics.


Trust Your Tiger

If you'll put your trust in me this year-o-tees, you'll see growth in your confidence and creativity in dressing. Buy your tees here. Wear them often, experiment with what they go with. Ask your kids what they think you should wear them with. And look objectively when you see yourself in the mirror.

Let's get childlike, and look for our joy. It's buried under all our lovely responsible adult systems, and it needs to come back.


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