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Why I Share ALL the Stuff...

I am able to share my failings, fear of failure, and distress with you, in part because there is deep confidence and conviction within me about the future of the fashion industry:

I believe a time is coming, where we celebrate and understand how unique and wonderful we are through what we wear.

Over the past few years writing daily on social media and then here on this blog, I have seen our confidence grow together, by way of difficulty. What a relief to know that confidence grows in the hard soil of complicated life.


The facts lie...

There will be seasons of life that tell you to quit. Actually, that don't allow any movement forward. My business is there now. You may be in a version of this season too. If you have a side project that there is no time for right now, does that mean that heart-dream doesn't matter or that it will never happen for you?

I've been tossing around some pretty dreadful alternatives in my mind recently. I can't figure out how to move forward. And I can't muster the desire.

In my newsletter yesterday, I announced that...

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A Place I Can Make Mistakes

I have to guard against setting the bar too high in regards to my expectations of myself and this business, because I will kill myself trying. Since my move away from first my brick and mortar, then social media, I've realized how hard I was trying to show up perfect

Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband gave me a year's subscription to Women's Wear Daily, which used to be a print publication, but is now a pdf delivered every morning to my inbox and an app on my phone.

This morning, I read today's WWD, and sat...

My Belt Bag Sample is Here!

I got a quick second to start tinkering with my belt bag this past week. The gingham is just a scrap of fabric in the shape I would like the belt to be.

I started designing a belt bag last year, but for a few reasons, the project stalled.

Jackie, the woman who manufactures our stunning Bangladesh handwoven fabrics, has been manufacturing in Bangladesh for 20 years. Turns...