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Fashion Is My Superpower

I had a thought last night and jotted it down in the notes section of my phone. I have lots and lots of notes there; scrawled while waiting in line at the grocery store, or walking to my daughter's school to pick her up, or like last night, in between starting the rice and finishing the enchiladas.

So, here was my thought. It was about how fashion used to be just a form of creative expression for me. But, now that I'm (a little) older and have (a little) more life experience, I think of fashion totally differently. Where it used to exist almost as a hobby; now it adds value to my day-to-day.

There is a sign I wrote that hangs in my studio. "Fashion is my superpower. When I dress, I don my confidence, and am able to tackle my intimidating tasks."

When I teach about the how-to's of dressing on this blog, there exists an underlying WHY of dressing that goes along with it. Confidence is power. It fills our sails, fuels our bus, allows us to respond to difficult people and taxing situations and long days out of love. And confidence CAN be bought. Kind of, in a way. 

When you commit the time, money, and energy tending your closet; you are sowing confidence into your life so you can find it later, sprouting up all green and healthy right when you need it. 

I AM beautiful. But I'm not going to feel like it every day. So then, having a closet full of clothing that fits well and flatters gives me a boost of confidence. 

This blog is here to teach how-to-fashion. Here's what I have so far: 

I talked about the importance of having a full-length mirror, because it will tell you the truth about how your clothes are fitting.

I talked about why and how I keep a line item on the budget specifically for clothes, and why you should too.

I talked about how adding black and white to your closet helps all your patterns and color play nice.

I talked about how to find inspiration for your Spring and Summer wardrobe and translate that inspiration to a shopping list.

I talked about how I build a closet full of 'basics with personality': basics so that all of my things go with all of my things, and personality  so that I'm adding interest to every layer of my wardrobe.

I talked here about how a trendy wardrobe is as easy as adding one really wonderful item to your closet-o-basics.

I talked here about how I stretch my wardrobe budget by adding fun pieces into the mix right when all my clothes seem old, boring, and stale.

I talked about how swimsuits suck but the rash guard trend is a lifesaver.

I talked about paying attention to where hemlines hit and that time I gave myself cankles.

I talked about how the crop top trend is inspiring my summer wardrobe.

And I talked about how my non-negotiables for summer decide what I add to my closet.


I'm so glad you're on this journey with me. 


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